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EVENTS AT MAPLE ACRES  (plan a day or a special event on the farm!)

Birthday parties, showers, wedding pictures, or other gatherings can be held down on the farm. Make use of our new gazebo, flower fields, pick-your-owns and other amenities to make any special day even more memorable. In the fall, we'll help you organize hay rides and other harvest events right here. Parties are not permitted without a reservation.


Come be a part of our monthly farm tour. Join us the first Saturday each month for a  hay ride / farm tour to see what goes on "Behind the Scenes" at the farm.


We will visit the greenhouses, the animals, and many more interesting areas.


Plus we'll stop along the way so everyone can get some hands on experience. Come find out how produce starts as a seed and ends up on your plate.


Birthday parties aren't just for kids. Celebrate any birthday down on the farm. Choose from one of our party packages including: hay rides, farm tours, seed & flower planting, flower arranging, strawberry picking, flower cutting. Or come up with something clever that we haven't thought of yet. (But please, no cow tipping contests!) We will be happy to work with you to plan this special day.


Two hour all-inclusive party packages include a hayride around the farm with visits to the animals and beehives; home made pizza, cupcakes, lemonade or cider, and paper goods.


At least 2 adults are required to supervise children on the wagon and are included in the cost of your event.


Available extras:

- Fruit Slushies

- Flower Picking



Looking for a different sort of venue for your next company meeting?


Consider holding it right here at the farm. We have indoor and outdoor space available to rent for your next off-site business meeting or conference. Give your employees a breath of fresh air! At break time, send them out to the fields to pick flowers.


It's a great way to bolster employee morale. We can even provide lunch and refreshments. Just call us for details!


Contact one of our event planners for more information on a custom event at Maple Acres Farm today!

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