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Pennsylvania fresh cut Christmas trees + holiday hayrides

Santa Hay Rides Saturday and Sunday
Saturday + Sunday 
12th and 13th 11 a.m. and 3 p.m



My name is Gary McKeown and I have dedicated every day of my life to running and working Maple Acres Farm.  It is my life’s mission to keep this farm alive to preserve this loved land of open space and with all the new construction happening in this county it is more important than ever.


This farm has been a part of our family for 100 years and it is very important to me to continue to share this space and all it’s offerings with our community.


Maple Acres is the last working farm in Plymouth Township and it’s preservation is created by the love and support of our family and community members like you.


I love waking up every morning working to preserve these natural grounds and provide farm fresh offerings for my community.


Farming is my life and I thank you all for supporting Maple Acres Farm since 1916 and being apart of our community…our family.


Thank You,

Gary McKeown

and The Maple Acres Family  


Purchased in 1916 when it was just 12 acres, Maple Acres Farm nears its centennial celebration. The farm has been a generational contribution to the community where mothers, fathers, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents, sons and daughters, have lived and worked the farmland on Narcissa Road, right here Plymouth Meeting
for 4 generations.


Gary McKeown has preserved the Maple Acres Farm, named by his mother Millie, as it expanded to thirty acres over the years. Today, Gary and his family still lives in the 18th-century farmhouse that he grew up in."Farming is my life” says Gary McKeown, and he is now focused on preserving the land and continuing the family generational duty of sharing the farmland with the community.

(custom bouquets, farm inspired, home delivered)


Purchased in 1912 when it was just 12 acres, Maple Acres Farm nears its centennial celebration. "There's something to be said for staying in one spot for so long." Sage words of Brian McCracken but his mother, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents, have lived and worked the farmland on Narcissa Road, right behind the Plymouth Meeting Mall, for four generations

or Call 610-828-7396 to place an order!

PICK YOUR OWN! (see what's in season)

Known throughout the area for our pick-your-own pumpkins, corn, zinnias, we also now have pick-your-own strawberries, sunflowers, cockscomb, Gomphrena, marigolds, Cosmos, and many others!


Bring your camera, your children, grandchildren (the whole family), and take home great memories that last a lifetime with the freshest produce around.

Call us at 610-828-7395 to find out what is in season.

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